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An opinionated set of integrated themes and starters to accelerateyour next Gatsby project. Build faster.

11 themes
8 starters

How It Works


Layout Themes

Minimal styles, defaults, layout and utility components

Data Theme

Optional, adds a backend data source or just use MDX

Presentation Theme

Visual design, custom layouts and UI components

Gatsby Starter

Packages a set themes together for ease of use.

Production Site

Add branding, content, styles, and customization. Component shadowing and Theme UI give you full control over the finished product.


Layout theme example

Layout themes

Raw, unstyled, ready to be customized!

Live demo →
Presentation theme example

Presentation themes

Refined, styled and ready for launch!

Live demo →

Tech Choices



MDX lets you seamlessly write JSX in your Markdown documents. It is the default content authoring format in Gatsby Theme Catalyst.


SANITY is used as an optional backend adding an extendable and powerful headless CMS and database solution at your fingertips



Theme UI is used for styling enabling a consistent visual design language through a global context aware theme file

Framer Motion

Framer Motion

Framer Motion is used as the default animation library due to the intuitive API and excellent documentation.



Stripe is used with use-shopping-cart to provide basic e-commerce integration for when you just need to make some money! Coming soon ™.


Cypress provides end-to-end testing integration for the themes and starters so you can trust every deploy!


Because I needed a way to speed up my freelance developer workflow and open source is empowering!

catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

BOOM! Get Started!

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