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An opinionated set of integrated themes and starters to accelerateyour next Gatsby project. Build faster.

How It Works


Layout Themes

Minimal styles, defaults, layout and utility components

Data Theme

Optional, adds a backend data source or just use MDX

Presentation Theme

Visual design, custom layouts and UI components

Gatsby Starter

Packages a set themes together for ease of use.

Production Site

Add branding, content, styles, and customization. Component shadowing and Theme UI give you full control over the finished product.

Layout Themes

Minimally styled themes that focus on layout, function, and utility components. These can be used as a solid foundation to build a fully custom site.

Data Themes

Adds an optional data structure on top of the layout themes to provide additional content authoring experiences. and an MDX blog are currently supported this way.

Presentation Themes

Adds visual components and specialized layouts like a custom home page. These themes are designed to be modified for branding (colors, logos, fonts, etc).


Theme UI enables you to quickly customize the visual design of your user interfaces using key-value pairs to modify colors, fonts, spacings, and more.


MDX lets you seamlessly write JSX in your Markdown documents. It is the default content authoring format in Gatsby Theme Catalyst.

Theme Options

Theme options are used as feature flags to toggle small changes to your design, like displaying social media links, without having to rewrite code.

catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

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