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Welcome to documentation for Gatsby Theme Catalyst!

If you are brand new the best place to start is the Getting Started guide. These docs are written with the assumption you are already familiar with Gatsby and modern web design principles.

About Gatsby Theme Catalyst

Gatsby Theme Catalyst is an an opinionated set of integrated themes and starters that can be used as a boilerplate to accelerate your next Gatsby project. There is a single “core” theme in which most dependencies and utility components are contained followed by progressively more styled and refined child themes and starters. These themes use Theme-UI and MDX.

Production Site

Branding, content, customization

Gatsby Starter

Packages themes together

Presentation Theme

Visual design, custom layouts and components

Data Theme

Optional, add a backend data source or just use MDX

Layout Themes

Minimal styles, defaults, layout and utility components

Catalyzing Start

   # create a new Gatsby site using the basic starter
    gatsby new catalyst
   # change into your new directory
    cd catalyst
   # launch the site
    gatsby develop

Example sites built with Gatsby Theme Catalyst

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