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Gatsby Theme Catalyst is an open source project and contributions from the community are welcomed and ecnouraged. All contributions are welcomed whether it is fixing a typo or refactoring a component.

The easiest way to get started with a contribution is to fork the main repo from GitHub. The repo is setup as a monorepo using Yarn workspaces. Testing is handled by Publishing is handled by Lerna. The starters are copied post-commit to their own repo using a GitHub action - some of the Gatsby CLI commands require a starter to be in its own repo.

There are some custom commands that make working in the project easier, which follow this pattern, yarn develop:blog, or yarn test:helium. You can see a full list of commands in the root package.json.

The documentation is contained in the main repo, at www/content/docs/docs. Development on the docs site is started by running the command, yarn develop:www.

I can be contacted via email at: if you have questions.

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