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This theme is for a complete site using multiple different themes layered together and data from It is designed for a freelance writer or author.


Building a website for a freelance writer using gatsby-theme-catalyst-hydrogen


Catalyzing Start

gatsby new hydrogen

Theme Options

sanityProjectIdStringRequired, Sanity project ID
sanityDatasetStringDefaults to “production”, change to reflect the dataset name you are using in Sanity
sanityTokenStringDefaults to null, should only be used with env variables for security purposes.
sanityWatchModeBooleanDefaults to true, toggle for watch mode
sanityOverlayDraftsBooleanDefaults to false, toggle for live previews, a token and private dataset is required.
sanityCreatePagesBooleanDefaults to true, toggle to turn on/off page generation from

Example Config:

resolve: `gatsby-theme-catalyst-hydrogen`,
options: {
sanityProjectId: "abcd1234",
sanityDataset: "mydata",
sanityWatchMode: false,

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