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By default Gatsby provides excellent Seo out of the box. I have extended this with a custom Seo component based on gatsby-plugin-react-helmet that provides basic open graph, canononical links, and metadata tags. It also provides a default social sharing image based on content/assets/catalyst-site-social.jpg.

In addition to this the following are worth notiing:

  • The blog theme has a “featuredImage” field in the frontmatter which replaces the default social image.

  • If a Twitter profile is included in the socialLinks field in gatsby-config.js it automatically generates the correct metadata tags based on your profile.

  • MDX pages are automatically provided with an Seo component (you don’t need to import it) to customize page metadata tags like the page title, description, image, and keywords.

<Seo title="Seo" description="Custom Seo page description" />

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