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Theme Options

There are a number of options for the themes that act as flags to control various aspects of the site appearance and function. Try experimenting with these to get a feel for how it changes the site. The options for each theme are documented in the respective docs area for the themes. Most options are set via gatsby-theme-catalyst-core, however gatsby-theme-catalyst-sanity uses theme options extensively to control what pages are created by the theme.

For example:

resolve: `gatsby-theme-catalyst-core`,
options: {
//Default options are:
// contentPath: `content/pages`,
// assetPath: `content/assets`,
// displaySiteLogo: true,
// displaySiteTitle: true,
// displaySiteLogoMobile: true,
// displaySiteTitleMobile: true,
// invertLogo: false,
// useStickyHeader: false,
// useSocialLinks: true,
// useColorMode: true,
// useKatex: false,
//footerContentLocation: "left", // "left", "right", "center"

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